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The University of Michigan is committed to protecting your personal privacy. You may wish to review the "Policy Regarding the Use and Release of Donor and Alumni/ae Information," developed by the Office of the Vice President for Development, taken from the UM Standard Practice Guide section 602.


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Click/press the Hidden or Searchable links to toggle the settings for each field. You may also toggle a whole section via "Show All/Hide All" links in each section. Fields set as Hidden, will not appear in any U-M Online Alumni Directories and will not be searchable by other U-M Alumni. Fields set as Searchable will appear in U-M Online Alumni Directories and will be searchable by other U-M Alumni. Optionally, you may opt-out U-M Alumni Directories entirely.

NOTE: After updating your settings, you must scroll to the bottom of this page and click/press "Submit" to save your changes.