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of U-M undergraduates taking advantage of U-M's unique, 12-week paid development internship. Each week, work alongside top fundraising professionals and attend a three-credit course taught by a U-M faculty member. Development offers a unique opportunity to combine your personal growth with work that transforms people's lives.

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Cortez HillCortez Hill

“From this internship, I have incorporated my new understanding of “giving” into my life. I have learned to analyze the ways in which I give to other people, whether that is "small" or large giving. I have a more comprehensive view of how organizations raise money, and I am able to apply that to the work that I do with raising money for projects and dedicating resources for development staff and operations.”

Cortez Hill D-SIP ‘21

Sydney Gurecki Sydney Gurecki

"The D-SIP experience taught me so much about the field of development and myself as a person. I was able to grow both personally and professionally throughout the summer, and I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in development. One year after graduation, I am now working in the field! Viva la D-SIP!"

Sydney Gurecki (BS '21), D-SIP '20

Brianna KennedyBrianna Kennedy

“D-SIP helped me to learn more about myself in three short months than I thought it would. In knowing all that I know now, I truly believe I have a better basis for the future of who I am and who I want to be.”

Brianna Kennedy (BS '19), D-SIP '18

Jason Rowland Jason Rowland

"This past summer exposed me to the field of development. No matter what career I pursue, my participation in the D-SIP program — from meeting with donors to mock interviews and other professional development — has set me up for success in the future."

Jason Rowland (BA '19), D-SIP '17

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