About the Charles Woodson Fund

Charles Woodson was a leader on the field of the Big House, playing a significant role on the Wolverine’s national championship team in 1997, winning the Heisman Trophy for his two-way playing.  With an initial gift of $2 million, Woodson is continuing to demonstrate his passion for the University of Michigan off the field by investing in children’s health.
The Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund will provide money for research to specifically advance the treatment of illnesses that affect children, including (but not limited to) cancer, congenital heart disease, sickle cell and kidney disorders, and developmental conditions like autism.  The Fund will support physician-scientists and research investigators with the greatest potential for impact and innovation move beyond the early stages of development.
Join Woodson, the University of Michigan Health System, and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in changing the lives of youth by donating today!


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