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The University of Michigan is pleased to welcome the Davis United World College Scholars to our campus. We take great pride in the diverse talent, perspectives and experiences represented across U-M's international community of scholars. By supporting globally minded education, the Davis UWC Scholars Program enhances U-M's academic excellence and promotes greater understanding in our society.

    - Mark S. Schlissel, President
      University of Michigan

The Davis United World College Scholars Program, founded by Shelby M.C. Davis and Philip O. Geier, is the largest privately funded international scholarship program in the world. Each year more than 2,000 students (from 133 nations) attending 91 U.S. colleges and universities receive generous support. 

Davis UWC Scholars are all graduates of United World Colleges, a group of 14 high schools across the globe that bring students of different nationalities together for studies emphasizing intercultural knowledge and awareness.  U-M is proud to have more than 25 Davis UWC Scholars on campus.  In addition to forming close friendships within the cohort, they play an important role in U-M’s globally minded campus learning community.  While financial resources for international students are limited, we have several funds available to Davis UWC Scholars.

Meet the Davis UWC Scholars at the University of Michigan

Saloni Mundhra

Saloni Mundhra

"When I came here, I continued interacting with people that had grown up in a very different way than I had. It was very easy for me to mingle in."

Home Country: Singapore
United World College: UWC South East Asia
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Psychology, Class of 2019
Clubs and Extracurriculars: UNICEF, The Michigan Raas Dance Team, MEG Consulting, Detroit Partnership
Favorite Spot on Campus: Weiser Hall, ground floor
Favorite Ann Arbor Eatery: Frita Batidos
Favorite Class at U-M: EECS 183: Elementary Programming Concepts
Most Admired Public Figure: Rafael Nadal

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Karan Hallon

Karan Hollon

"Finding [the School of Information] community and engaging especially with the grad students and faculty there has reminded me of why I’m in the US."

Home Country: United Arab Emirates
United World College: UWC Mahindra College
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Information (User Experience Design Path), Class of 2018
Clubs and Extracurriculars: Co-ops in Ann Arbor, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies student organization
Favorite Spot on Campus: Reference Reading Room, Hatcher and Duderstadt Center
Favorite Class at U-M: SI 538: Citizen Interaction Design
Most Admired Public Figure: Angela Merkel

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Lara Mutluay

Lara Mutluay

"I wanted to go to a big university rather than a small liberal arts college because science and research are usually more encouraged in these places."

Home Country: Turkey
United World College: Li Po Chun UWC
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2021
Clubs and Extracurriculars: Equestrian team, Taekwondo club, figure skating at Yost Ice Arena
Favorite Spot on Campus: Lawyers Club Lounge
Favorite Ann Arbor Eatery: Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea
Most Admired Public Figure: Marie Curie and Sylvia Earle

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  • Prospective and Admitted students: If you are applying to U-M and attended a UWC school, please contact Cindy Gould at or (734) 764-7433 if you have questions. Please also visit the Admissions website for more information about applying or for admitted student information.
  • Financial Aid: If you attended a UWC school, have been admitted to U-M, and want to be considered for the Davis United World College Scholarship, you must complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE using U-M's CSS code 1839. Contact Sondra Fonville at or (734) 763-4119 for further information or questions.
  • Alumni, parents, and friends: If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the Davis UWC Scholars at U-M, please contact Bin Zhao at or (734)  615-6331.

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