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Gifts of publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value allow you to avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a tax deduction for your gift. Plus, you can specify an area that you would like the proceeds to support or have them contributed to the general fund. The university benefits by selling the stock without paying taxes on the gain, and you benefit from making a contribution that would be larger than what you might have been able to donate in cash.

The following are the DTC instructions for the University of Michigan for transfer of stock to the university’s broker, Bank of New York Mellon.

DTC# 0443
Pershing, LLC
Account # N7M001483
Account Name: University of Michigan
Reference: (name of donor)

Before a transfer of stock is made, we ask that you please notify us with the name of stock and number of shares gifted so we can monitor our account for the expected transfer.

If you intend to transfer mutual fund shares to the university, please contact us ahead of time with the mutual fund name. Certain mutual funds are not transferable to the university’s account with Bank of New York Mellon and special accommodations may need to be made for your gift.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Gift and Records Administration Securities Team at 877.647.9090 or

The Regents of the University of Michigan has 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt status; our federal tax ID number is 38-6006309.

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Gifts to endowment will be administered as a permanent endowment under Michigan law and University policies.
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