Our Scholars

Class of 2023

Ashley Akaba

School of Kinesiology

"What is your favorite thing about U-M"

“My favorite thing about the University of Michigan is the endless resources that they provide for their students. UM is all about taking advantage of the many opportunities that they provide for you and the fact that there are opportunities everywhere you turn is something that made me very excited to go here. Everyone wants to see you succeed and everyone, from your professor to your GSI, is willing and able to help you."

Olivia Cirisan

School of Music, Theatre & Dance

"What are your first impressions of U-M?"

“My first impressions of UM are that the atmosphere is incredible and that it is a university of endless opportunities. The people and faculty here are fantastic, and I am surrounded by people who encourage and push me every day. I am studying Music Education with a focus in Percussion at U-M"

Sharifa Doudi

Ross School of Business

"What do you plan to study at U-M?"

“I plan on majoring in Business Administration with a minor in International Studies. This semester, I've had a chance to become a part of Amala, an African dance troupe, and am currently pledging Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed professional fraternity."

Allen Gibson

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

"Why did you decide to attend U-M?"

“I decided to come to Michigan because of its wealth of resources available to its students. Since coming to Michigan, I've been able explore a number of new opportunities; some of my favorites being the ASL club on campus or getting involved with the One University Campaign. This program has offered me a strong network of peers and mentors that are providing a lot of support during my transition as a first year student."

Haley Johnson

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

"What is your favorite thing about U-M?"

“My favorite thing about UM is all the different opportunities available to students. Growing up in a small town my experiences were pretty limited but at UM I have the ability to try anything I want to. From gallery talks at the UMMA to conducting research in the environmental psychology laboratory to attending workshops on community organizing, UM gives me the opportunities to explore all of my personal and academic interests. I’m able to interact with a diverse array of people who bring their own unique set of passions and experiences to the table."

Ahmad Kady

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

"What clubs or organizations have you joined at U-M?"

“The Stamps Scholarship has given me the opportunity to study a wide variety of topics and take risks academically without being weighed down by financial pressures. I have joined a comedy improv group on campus called ComCo, and the rehearsals are always the highlights of my week. I've made amazing friends through the small group, and performing with them in Angell Hall is an amazing experience!"

Julianna King

School of Kinesiology

"Do you have a favorite class/professor?"

“My favorite class is HISTORY 265: Mind and Brain in America taught by Dr. Henry Cowles. I’ve never taken any sort of history class in a classroom setting (all mine were online in high school) and I’m not a big history person, but I really enjoy learning about how the idea of mental health changed throughout history. I intend on obtaining a dual degree in Psychology from LSA and Movement Science from Kinesiology."

Jordan Pinet

School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Why did you decide to attend U-M?

"In deciding where to spend the next four years of my life, I could not have asked for anything better than the University of Michigan. From the welcoming and inspiring Stamps scholars to the amazing educational opportunities, this University provides an experience like no other. I have the wonderful opportunity to be studying for a BFA in Theatre Design & Production at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. This scholarship has provided me the chance to learn and do what I love for the rest of my life."

Anne Ye

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

"What are your first impressions of U-M?"

“One of my favorite things about UM is the sense of community that I've felt whether it be with the Stamps Scholars family, with my dorm-mates, in a club, or in classes. It seems like you can always find someone to relate to based on commonalities or interests you share with each other."


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