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Memorial &Tribute Gifts

Honoring a special person in your life or commemorating your graduation, anniversary, or another occasion with a gift to the University makes for a personal and lasting tribute. You can specify for whom or what you are making your gift while online. You can elect for us to send a letter to the honoree or family of the deceased notifying them of your thoughtful gift, but not revealing the amount of your contribution. Tribute gifts provide meaningful support for the U-M while allowing you to celebrate people and events that mean so much to you.

Names are listed in alphabetical order and, when applicable, are followed by the name of the fund the family has selected as their preference for donations in their loved one's honor. Please click on the name of your loved one to make a gift in his/her honor.

If you do not see the name of the person you are looking for and would like to add it, please contact

Sarah Abate (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Jesse L. Allen (Alzheimer's Disease Research Fund)

Todd Armstrong (Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund)

Spencer Bell (Spencer Bell Memorial Endowed Fund)
Eunice Burns (Eunice Burns Fund for Water Policy Education)

Micah Canvasser (Micah Smiles Fund)

Luigi Carbone (UMCCC Gastrointestinal Oncology Program Fund)

Travis Lee Christensen (Travis Christensen Memorial Fund) 
Michael D. Cohen (Michael D. Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund)
Edythe M. De Vries (School of Nursing Alumni Society Scholarship Fund)

Cherie Demetriou (MBNI Educational/Research Gifts)
Dolores Despres (UMCCC Colon Cancer Program Fund)

Robert Doorlag (Program for Understanding Neurologic Diseases Fund)

Nancy Drake (Nursing Class of 1956 Scholarships Fund) 

Eugenie L. Fauver (Fauver Family Ataxia Research Fund)

Glenn Forgette (Dr. Mark Kaminski Research Fund) 
Robert M. Ginn (College of Engineering Memorial Gift Holding)

Laura Gould (Dr. Mark Kaminski Research Fund) 
Dr. Steven E. Gradwohl (Steven E. Gradwohl "Art of Primary Care" Award & Lectureship)

Dr. Sylvia Hacker (Sylvia Hacker Ph.D. Scholarship Fund)

William Harrison (Noah's Neuroblastoma Research Endowment Fund) 
Dr. William M. Heston (Jerry and Rhona Meislik Bonsai Fund) 

John C. Hoffman (Cadasil Research - Wang)

Daniel Huck (UMCCC Kidney Cancer Program Fund)

Nita Hull (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Dr. Alan J. Hunt (Alan J. Hunter Lectureship Fund)

Marjorie Jackson (Funds for the School of Nursing)

John Kenely (Center for Circulatory Support - Terumo Fund)

Raili Kerppola (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Hillary Q. Kind (EY - Hillary Q. Kind Memorial Scholarship Fund in Accountancy) 
Heather R. Kornick (Heather R. Kornick Adrenocortical Cancer Research Fund)

Frederick William Lamson (College of Engineering Memorial Gifts Holding Fund)

Dorothy Lawrence (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program)

Helen M. Leavey (Parkinson's & Movement Disorders Fund for Discovery)
Juanita Martens (Parkinson's & Movement Disorders Fund for Discovery)

E. Sumner Meredith (Depression Center Education Program Fund) 
Larry Mitchell (Cadasil Research - Wang)

Lawrence Mitchell (Brain Tumor Research Fund)
Mehdi (Max) Nemazi (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Louis Netta (Stanley's Kids Fund)

Joyce O'Connor (Funds for the School of Nursing)

Drew O'Donoghue (Drew O'Donoghue Adrenal Cancer Program Support Fund) 
Christopher Peterson (Christopher Peterson Memorial Funds)

Mary Catherine "Cathi" Piazza (Mary Catherine Piazza's Memorial Fund for Lupus Research)

Evelyn J. Piehl (Nursing Class of 1956 Scholarships Fund) 
David Rosen, M.D. (David S. Rosen, M.D. MPH Lectureship)

Reuben Phoenix Schostak (Reuben Phoenix Schostak Congenital Heart Center Research Fund)
Samuel Schultz II, PhD (Funds for the School of Nursing) 
Kurt V. Shaulis (Campus Mind Works Gift)

Susan Smith (Communication Disorders Center)

MaryFran R. Sowers (Women's Health Fund)

Robert F. Stansberry (Elbel Club/Marching Band)

Linda Vandergrift (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

James Wallace (Hartman MDS Research Fund) 
Deborah L. Wardell (UMCCC Patient and Family Support Services Program) 
Ann Wilson (Cadasil Research - Wang)

Dr. Charlene Wilson (Charlene Wilson Scholarship Fund)

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