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Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Honoring a special person in your life or commemorating your graduation, anniversary, or another occasion with a gift to the University makes for a personal and lasting tribute. You can specify for whom or what you are making your gift while online. You can elect for us to send a letter to the honoree or family of the deceased notifying them of your thoughtful gift, but not revealing the amount of your contribution. Tribute gifts provide meaningful support for the U-M while allowing you to celebrate people and events that mean so much to you.

Names are listed in alphabetical order and, when applicable, are followed by the name of the fund the family has selected as their preference for donations in their loved one's honor. Please click on the name of your loved one to make a gift in his/her honor.

If you would like to have a tribute created, please fill out this form.

Michael Aberle (UMCCC Pancreatic Cancer Program Fund)

Jane D. Adamski (Cochlear Implants Gift)

Maria Luz Ajami (Maria Luz Ali Ajami Memorial Fund)

Claudia J. Alexander (Claudia Alexander Scholarship Fund)

Shelley Almburg (Shelley J. Almburg Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Liam Althouse (Brandon Neonatal ICU Gift Fund)

Ali Ayyash (Ali Ayyash Memorial Scholarship)

Ed Bagale (Edward J. Bagale Scholarship Fund)

Kelly Marie Bahl (UMH Transplant Center Development Events Fund)

Michael G. Baker (U of M Club of Houston Scholarship Fund)

Burton V. Barnes (Dr. Diane Simeone Gift Account)

Glynn (Barney) Barnett (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Leslie and Anita Bassett (Leslie and Anita Bassett Endowed Scholarship)

Maureen Belden (Funds for the School of Nursing)

Gail Bell (Gail Bell Memorial Fund)

Spencer Bell (Spencer Bell Memorial Endowed Fund)

Stanley Berent (Prostate Genetics Research Fund)

Deanna Beyer (Funds for the School of Nursing)

Evan Bliss (Evan Bliss Health Informatics Scholarship Fund)

Dale F. Bogaski (Dale F. Bogaski Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Verlin Boggs (John E. Masterson Brain Tumor Research Fund)

Laurence A. Boxer, M.D. (Laurence A Boxer M.D. & Grace Jordison Boxer M.D. Lecture - Hematology & Related Blood Diseases Fund)

Jean Yale Boyd (Shirley Rodman Williams & Peggy Rodman Boyd Fellowship)

Anthony Brewington (UMCCC Prostate Cancer Program Fund)

Chelsea Ellen Bruck (Family Hope Fund)

Ron Bryant (Cadasil Research Fund)

Kent Buesser-Baumkel (UM Dearborn Women's Studies)

Daniel Burlingame (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program Fund)

Eunice Burns (Eunice Burns Fund for Water Policy Education)

Michael Burton (Architecture Special Fund)

Joseph Bushkuhl (Blue Boxer Prostate Cancer Research Fund)

Puzant Buzantian (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Jean Campbell (Jean Campbell Research Fund - Women's Lives)

Kristin Carosella (Kristin Carosella Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Chad Carr (The Chad Tough Fund)

Catherine Haggerty Carruthers (UMCCC Cancer Center Fund)

William T. Carter Jr. (A & D Opportunity Fund)

Emanuel Michael Cartsonis (Emanuel Michael Cartsonis Memorial Scholarship Endowment)

Sharon Folsom Caster (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Richard (Dick) Chesbrough(Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Brian Gerard Chilcott (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Phyllis Chmura (Movement Disorders Discovery Fund - Chou)

Travis Lee Christensen (Travis Christensen Memorial Fund) 

Michael D. Cohen (Michael D. Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Philip M. Comerford (RSB Annual Fund - Student Support)

Kathryn Cook (John E. Masterson Brain Tumor Research)

Douglas M. Conrad (UMCCC Lung Cancer Program Fund)

Marlene Kay Cunningham (MS Fund for Discovery Fund)

​Richard E. Czarnecki (Richard E. Czarnecki Endowed Scholarship Fund)

Patrick Dahlin (Camp Michigania General Fund)

Janet Rose Daugherty (School of Nursing Undergraduate Scholarship Fund)

Gerald V. Day (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program)

Edythe M. De Vries (School of Nursing Alumni Society Scholarship Fund)

Nancy Deromedi (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Dolores Despres (UMCCC Colon Cancer Program Fund)

Paul DeWolf (Paul DeWolf, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Liliane Deyoub (Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund)

Ms. Julie R. Dobo (Funds for the School of Nursing)

Nancy Drake (Nursing Class of 1956 Scholarships Fund)

M. Carl Drott (ArtsEngine Fund for Innovation and Creativity)

Judy Ann Aitken Duffendack (Helen Culley Duffendack Student Scholarship Fund)

Ruby Ehren(Rogel Cancer Center Breast Cancer Program)

Dr. Paul Ertel (MADC Gift Fund)

Qais Farjo (Qais A. Farjo M.D., Memorial Lectureship)

Constance Fedoroff (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Jama Williams Fields (Thomas H. Brown Research Fund for Blood Cancers)

Jim Fletcher (Child and Family Life Program Fund)

Dennis M. Fowler(Kalemkerian - Lung Cancer Research)

Rick Freeman (Rick Freeman Memorial Merit Awards Fund)

Thomas Galloway (College of Engineering Need-Based Endowed Scholarship Fund)

William M. Gabriel (UMH Camp Michitanki Transplant Fund)

Jean Gardner (School of Nursing Undergraduate Scholarship Fund)

Chris and Kathy Gage (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Patrick Gibbons (Patrick Gibbons Memorial Fund)

Vanessa Goldman (Vanessa Goldman Scholarship Fund)

Luis Gomez (Luis Gomez Memorial Lecture Fund)

Lois Goode (Children's Comfort Fund)

Joan B. Sachs (Theodore and Joan Sachs Scholarship Fund)

Judy Grobnagger (UMCCC Brain Cancer Fund)

Laura Gould (Dr. Mark Kaminski Research Fund)

Dana Gottschaldt (UMCCC Breast Cancer Program)

Dr. Steven E. Gradwohl (Steven E. Gradwohl "Art of Primary Care" Award & Lectureship)

Herbert Guy (Bichakjian Merkel Cell Research Fund)

Dr. Sylvia Hacker (Sylvia Hacker Ph.D. Scholarship Fund)

Helen Hall (Clements Library Associates - 311100)

Donald Hartwick (Hartwick Family Architecture Scholarship Fund)

Melva Harvey (Melva Hardy Scholarship Fund - 330653)

Jean S. Hazen (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Wendel W. Heers (Wendel W. Heers Scholarship Fund)

David Holden (UMCCC Helping Hands Fund)

Brian Alexander Holland (UMCCC Lymphoma Program)

John C. Hoffman (Cadasil Research - Wang)

Mary Hopps (Craig R. Hopps Memorial Scholarship)

Susie Schwartz Howard (Susie Schwartz Howard Breast Cancer Endowed Research Fund)

Jo Anne Horsley, PhD, RN, FAAN (Jo Anne Horsley Faculty Research Fund)

Arlene B. Howe (Arlene Boyce Howe Leadership and Innovation Award Fund)

Daniel Huck (UMCCC Kidney Cancer Program Fund)

Dr. Alan J. Hunt (Alan J. Hunter Lectureship Fund)

Diana Hurd (UMCCC Bladder Cancer Program Fund)

Marjorie Jackson (Funds for the School of Nursing)

Thelma B. Johnson (Clyde W. Johnson Scholarship Fund)

Susan Kazul (Nursing Class of 1962 Fund for the Future)

Lillian Kata (UMCCC Melanoma Program Fund)

Carole A. Katz (Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund)

John Kenely (Center for Circulatory Support - Terumo Fund)

Judge Cornelia G. Kennedy (Honorable Cornelia G. Kennedy Scholarship Fund)

Raili Kerppola (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Andrea Kevrick (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Hillary Q. Kind (EY - Hillary Q. Kind Memorial Scholarship Fund in Accountancy)

Russel Jackson Kinnel (President's Unrestricted Funds/Unrestricted Revenue)

Paul Knake (Brain Tumor Functional Outcomes Research - Hervey-Jumper Fund)

Warren E. Korneffel (Warren E. Korneffel Neonatal Research Fund)

Heather R. Kornick (Heather R. Kornick Adrenocortical Cancer Research Fund)

Patricia Krause (Dept. of Radiation Oncology Research Endowment Fd.)

Joseph Kupin (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Ronald G. Lai  (Ronald G. Lai Mentorship Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Patti LaMoreaux (MADC Wellness Initiative Fund)

Dr. James R. Lang (James R. Lang Scholarship Fund)

David Lauer (A & D Opportunity Fund)

Mort Lazar (Mort Lazar Memorial Fund)

Catherine Leake (Edith Galt Scholarship Fund)

Eugene H. (Hank) Levering (Michigan Athletics Annual Fund)

Willis C. Lillard (Life Sciences Orchestra)

Yi-Guang Lin (Rackham Development - Gifts Fund)

Donald J. Lewis (Donald J. Lewis Professorship in Mathematics)

Professor Roderick Little (Distinguished Lectureship in honor of Roderick Little)

Rose Leutze (Child and Family Life Program in honor of Rose Leutze)

Jiang Luh (Mathematics Development)

Jeff MacKie-Mason (Jeffrey MacKie-Mason and Janet Netz Scholarship)

Kathleen Mary Martin (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Richard D. Mast (Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund)

Timothy Matthew (Social Work Gift Fund)

Randy and Linda Meadows (UMCCC Prostate Cancer Program)

Lisa McCarthy (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program)

Professor Emeritus John McCollum (Rosemary Russell Endowed Scholarship in Voice Fund)

Betsy Gold McDowell (Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund)

Dr. Wilbert (Bill) J. McKeachie (Psychology Chair's Discretionary Fund)

Kevin H. McKervey (Kevin H. McKervey Memorial Scholarship)

Carl F. Mehlhop (Carl F. and Jacqueline D. Mehlhop Scholarship Fund)

Thomas Meyers (UMCCC Sarcoma Research Fund)

Mary Kay Moore (Nursing Class of 1956 Scholarships)

Ronald Moore (Rogel Cancer Center Esophageal Cancer Program)

Elizabeth Morden(UM-Dearborn CEHHS Student Scholarship and Support Fund)

Hopeton Morrison (U-M Club of Central Florida Scholarship Fund)

Larry Mulvihill (Drews Sarcoidosis Research Fund)

Donald Murphy (ALS Clinic Fund)

Nancy Rook Nelson (School of Nursing Alumni Society Scholarship Fund)

Joyce O'Connor (Funds for the School of Nursing)

Teague Orblych (Teague Orblych Endowed Scholarship)

Drew O'Donoghue (Drew O'Donoghue Adrenal Cancer Program Support Fund)

Nancy J. Parker (Funds for the School of Nursing)

Donette Paul (Transplant Center Support)

Edith Paustian (Transplant Patient Emergency Fund)

Dean Valener L. Perry (Dean V. L. Perry Scholarship Fund)

Christopher Peterson (Christopher Peterson Memorial Funds)

Mary Catherine "Cathi" Piazza (Mary Catherine Piazza's Memorial Fund for Lupus Research)

Evelyn J. Piehl (Nursing Class of 1956 Scholarships Fund)

Rev. Douglas S. Pride (Reverend Doctor Douglas S. Pride Memorial Fund)

Christian Rasmussen (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Raj Reddy (Raj Reddy Scholarship Fund) 

Susan Rose Reynolds (Thymic Cancer Research Fund) 

Thomas Quick (Trauma Burn Camp Fund) 

Professor James W. Richards (James W. Richards Scholarship Endowment Fund)

Leon Richardson (UMCCC Brain Cancer Program)

Tara Robertson (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Mark L. Robinson (Camp Michigania General Fund)

John Rodriguez (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program)

Garrick P. Roemer (Depression Center Education Program Fund)

Howard L. Roth (Howard L. Roth Memorial Fund for Graduate Student Support)

Terry Sargent (Terry Sargent Architecture Scholarship Fund)

Reuben Phoenix Schostak (Reuben Phoenix Schostak Congenital Heart Center Research Fund)

Ed Schteingart (Schteingart Lecture in Endocrinology) 

James J. Schuler (Dr. Mark Kaminski Research Fund)

Ed Schteingart (Schteingart Lecture in Endocrinology) 

Samuel Schultz II, PhD (Funds for the School of Nursing) 

Lawrence B. Seewack (Lawrence B. Seewack Adrenal Cancer Research Fund)

Mrs. Gail M. Selvala (Class of 1960 Graduate Scholarship Fund)

Annette Sheppard (Family Hope Fund)

Leonard Siegal (Leonard G. & Bluma A. Siegal Merit Scholarship)

Andy Sielski (John E. Masterson Brain Tumor Research Fund)

Bill Sikkenga (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Eleanor Singer (Eleanor Singer SRC Jr. Faculty Fund)

Dennis Skinner (UMCCC Pancreatic Cancer Program Fund)

Peter Smereka (Peter Smereka Memorial Graduate Student Fund)

Stewart Smith (Stewart and Regent Emerita Veronica Latta Smith Scholarship for Siblings Fund) 

Joel Smoller (Joel Smoller Fellowship Fund)

Katheryn Soller (Katheryn F. Soller Nursing/Legal Partnership Fund)

Jeremy D. Solomon (PM&R Cancer Rehabilitation Fund)

Marilyn Solomon (Julia Strecher Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Mary Fran R. Sowers (Women's Health Fund)

Vivian Spry (C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Child & Family Life Fund )

Edward Joseph Stagray (John E. Masterson Brain Tumor Research Fund)

William Stamelos (William and Electra Stamelos Gallery)

Robert F. Stansberry (Elbel Club/Marching Band)

Nancy Capoferi Starek (Frankel Cardiovascular Center Research Fund

Martin Stenzel (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Bonnie Carol Stimac (UMCCC Fund for Discovery)

P. Valentine Strehlow III (P. Valentine Strehlow III Scholarship Fund)

Bob Sutton (Dr. David Smith Gift Account)

Norrine Taylor-Beeny (Pediatric Cardiology Research)

Homer Leon Tew Jr. and Theresa O'Connor Tew (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Gloria D. Thomas (CEW Scholar Success Fund)

David Thompson (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program Fund)

Professor Louise A. Tilly (Women's Studies Strategic Fund - 318754)

William Howard Tomlinson IV (Child and Family Life Program)

Linda Vandergrift (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund

Roopak Verma (UMCCC Helping Hands Fund)

Harry Wallerstein (Music Education Enrichment Fund)

Deborah L. Wardell (UMCCC Patient and Family Support Services Program)

Dean Weaver (Alzheimer's Disease Research)

Janet Weiss (Rackham Development - Gifts)

Sueann Wickstrom (PTMBA MAP Internal)

Ann Wilson (Cadasil Research - Wang)

Dr. Charlene Wilson (Charlene Wilson Scholarship Fund)

Nanette Winningham (Nursing Gifts)

Thomas R. Wisniewski (Dr. David Smith Gift Account)

K Barbara Wyckoff (Botanical Gardens and Arboretum Tribute Fund)

Irma Wyman (Irma M. Wyman Endowed Scholarship Fund)

Joseph Wytrwal (Polish Studies Fund)

Richard Yeagle (Brandon Neonatal ICU Fund)

Watson A. Young (CEO-Program Support - 318760)

Jeanne Vig Zimmerman (Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund)

Kelly Zimmerman (Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund)

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