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Tribute Gifts - Rogel Cancer Center

The Cancer Center has the following ongoing tributes at this time. Names are listed in alphabetical order and, when applicable, are followed by the name of the fund the family has selected as their preference for donations in their loved one's honor. Please click on the name of your loved one to make a gift in his/her honor.

If you do not see the name of the person you are looking for and would like to add it, please contact the UMHS Office of Medical Development at or (734) 764-6777. Alternatively you can search all our areas of support and make a tribute donation in any name.

Michael Aberle (UMCCC Pancreatic Cancer Program Fund)

Nicolas Aguirre (UMCCC Pancreatic Cancer Program Fund)

Burton V. Barnes (Dr. Diane Simeone Gift Account)

Spencer Bell (Spencer Bell Memorial Endowed Fund)

Jeffrey W. Bouchard (Blue Boxer Prostate Cancer Research Fund)

Anthony Brewington (UMCCC Prostate Cancer Program Fund)

Daniel Burlingame (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program Fund)

Joseph Bushkuhl (Blue Boxer Prostate Cancer Research Fund)

Puzant Buzantian (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Catherine Haggerty Carruthers (UMCCC Cancer Center Fund)

Sharon Folsom Caster (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program Fund)

Robert (Bob) Collins (Rogel Cancer Center Lung Cancer Program)

Douglas M. Conrad (UMCCC Lung Cancer Program Fund)

Helen Crowley (Helen and Sonya Fund)

Glenn E. Davis (Rogel Cancer Center Leukemia Program)

Gerald V. Day (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program)

Jama Williams Fields (Thomas H. Brown Research Fund for Blood Cancers)

Isabel Galura (UMCCC Helping Hands Fund)

Laura Gould (Dr. Mark Kaminski Research Fund)

Jessica Rose Grzych (Jessica Rose Grzych Memorial Fund)

Yurike Halim (Lim Siu Ye) (UMCCC Liver Cancer Program)

David Holden (UMCCC Bladder Cancer Program Fund)

Susie Schwartz Howard (Susie Schwartz Howard Breast Cancer Endowed Research Fund)

Diana Hurd (UMCCC Helping Hands Fund)

Lillian Kata (UMCCC Melanoma Program Fund)

Marylou Kennedy (Marylou Kennedy Research Professorship in Thoracic Oncology)

Heather R. Kornick (Heather R. Kornick Adrenocortical Cancer Research Fund)

Joseph Kupin (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program)

Lisa McCarthy (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program)

Ronald Moore (Rogel Cancer Center Esophageal Cancer Program)

Nancy M. Morency (Rogel Cancer Center Sarcoma Research Fund)

Drew O'Donoghue (Drew O'Donoghue Adrenal Cancer Program Support Fund)

'Thomas Reckling (Brain Tumor Research Fund)

Leon Richardson (UMCCC Brain Cancer Program)

John Rodriguez (UMCCC Adrenal Cancer Program)

Lawrence B. Seewack (Lawrence B. Seewack Adrenal Cancer Research Fund)

Dennis Skinner (UMCCC Pancreatic Cancer Program Fund)

Tammie L. Smith-Watson (UMCCC Sarcoma Research)

Jeremy D. Solomon (PM&R Cancer Rehabilitation Fund)

Bonnie Carol Stimac (UMCCC Fund for Discovery)

Bob Sutton (Dr. David Smith Gift Account)

Benjamin T. Sung (Rogel Cancer Center Fund)

David Thompson (UMCCC Esophageal Cancer Program Fund)

Deborah L. Wardell (UMCCC Patient and Family Support Services Program)

Sidney C. Whipple (UMCCC Prostate Cancer Fund)

Robert A. Winfield (UMCCC Leukemia Program) 

Thomas R. Wisniewski (Dr. David Smith Gift Account)

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