Our Scholars

Fordson Class of 2013

Mohamed Ghandour

Fordson ’13, U-M ’17

"What do you want to do after college graduation?"

“After college graduation, I plan on attending Medical School. Through this schooling I will gain the knowledge and experience needed to become a great physician. As a physician I plan to open up a clinic and start my mission that will change my community”

Mariam Nasrallah

Fordson ’13, U-M ’17

"How has being admitted to U-M and receiving the Brehm Scholarship helped you reach your goals?"

“As a child and teenager, I always dreamed of going to a top educational institution, especially the University of Michigan, but I also believed my chances of attending were very small. I had little faith in myself, and I thought that even if I did get in, I could not afford it. Thankfully, receiving the remarkable Brehm Scholarship has strengthened my confidence and has helped me achieve my most important goal. By relieving me of the financial burdens that come along with attending college, I no longer have to worry about how expensive tuition is and whether or not it will get in the way of my education.”