Our Scholars

Fordson Class of 2010

Ali Bacharouch

Fordson ’10, U-M ’15, U-M Medical School ’19

"How has being admitted to Michigan and receiving the Brehm Scholarship helped you reach your goals?"

“Being admitted to UM Medical School is a wonderful accomplishment. But, what ultimately matters to me is what I will do with my medical education. Having the support of Mr. Brehm helps me reach my goal of becoming well-trained physician. More importantly, it inspires me to emulate Mr. Brehm in using my resources and experiences to become an effective agent of change in the world around me."

Mariam Hamid

Fordson ’10, U-M ’14, U-M Medical School ’18

"How has being admitted to Michigan and receiving the Brehm Scholarship helped you reach your goals?"

“The Brehm Scholarship will usher me into the University of Michigan, the educational community of primary scientific discovery. As an involved Pre-Medical student, I look forward to playing a direct role in finding innovative answers to modern medical problems. Thanks to the William K. Brehm Scholarship I’m excited to join the ranks of some of the brightest minds in the world."

Jihad Komis

Fordson ’10, U-M ’14

"How has being admitted to Michigan and receiving the Brehm Scholarship helped you reach your goals?"

“Receiving the Brehm scholarship will open a world of possibility and not only provide a foundation of support that ensures academic success, but create a campus of opportunity at the University of Michigan. Whether it is medicine or law, the scholarship is going to make obtaining an education at the University an experience that will be unforgettable!"

Ali Reda

Fordson ’10, U-M ’14

"If you could tell Fordson seniors just one thing about U-M or Ann Arbor, what would it be?"

“Apply! U-M has already shattered all expectations I had of what college life would be, and I cannot wait to get started. Pursue your dreams, let no one hinder your self-belief, and remember, the beauty of dreaming is not in imagining what you could do or become, but in seeing your dreams materialize before you. GO BLUE!"

Samantha Yassine

Fordson ’10, U-M ’14

"How has being admitted to Michigan and receiving the Brehm Scholarship helped you reach your goals?"

“From the University of Michigan, I expect to meet diverse, learned peoples of various cultures and backgrounds. I anticipate experiencing the world on one single campus—a beautiful one at that—all the while, becoming more educated about literature, scientific research, and mathematics. The Brehm scholarship will allow me to pursue these interests more deeply, as, without financial burdens, I will be in turn relieved of financial obligations and can instead discover and create. Though unsure of my field of study, I am certain my future is remarkable as the scholarship grants two great gifts: knowledge and time."

Fordson Class of 2009

Mariam Ayyash

Fordson ’09, U-M Dearborn ’13, U-M Masters ’14, U-M Medical School ’18

"How has being admitted to the UM Medical School and receiving the Brehm Scholarship or any other scholarship support helped you reach your goals?"

“As an immigrant who moved from Beirut, Lebanon to Dearborn in 2009, being admitting to UM Medical School felt like a dream. I would have never been able to accomplish this goal without the great support from the Dearborn and Ann Arbor communities. These 2 places that I proudly call home for the past 6 years, have offered me tremendous experiences and relationships that I will forever hold tightly to. Receiving the Brehm Scholarship not only meant a huge financial burden relief, but it also meant that someone believes in me and my goals and is helping me to pursue them. As an immigrant, it meant even a lot more and spoke volumes about the amazing community I live in and more importantly the great and generous individuals like Mr. and Mrs. Brehm. Being a UM medical student, among the Leaders and Best, and having the Brehm Scholarship in hand, I am grateful to worry less about my financial situation and focus more on gaining further experiences that will allow me excel and become a great physician, leader, researcher and scholar."

Ahmad Bazzi

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13, U-M Medical School ’17

"How has being admitted to the UM Medical School and receiving the Brehm Scholarship or any other scholarship support helped you reach your goals?"

“I came to the University of Michigan to pursue a career in medicine. As a medical student, I was fortunate enough to realize that it is a blessing to be attending one of the top medical schools in the country and be actively involved with faculty pioneering leading research studies. Then I received the most exciting news I have heard in my life, that is the award of the Brehm Scholarship. The invaluable gift of scholarship opened wider doors. It did not only ameliorate the financial burden of medical school tuition, but it also enhanced my determination to use the opportunities available at the University of Michigan to become a successful physician."

Zein El-Zein

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13, U-M Medical School ’17

"What impact do you feel the Brehms have made on Fordson and the world by establishing the Brehm Scholarships at U-M?"

“As a former Fordson student, I have always heard about the Brehm Scholarship. Becoming a Brehm scholar was a high achievement that many students wanted to reach. The Brehm Scholarship is an initiative and a resource that drives many of the Fordson Tractors to excel and to attain advanced education at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.”

Renee Garcia

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13

"What's your favorite spot on campus, and why?"

“My favorite spot on campus is the State Street area. Walking past the beautiful buildings such as Angell Hall and The Union just makes me love being a Michigan student so much more."

Dave A. Haidar

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13

"If you could tell Fordson seniors just one thing about U-M or Ann Arbor, what would it be?"

“Getting outside of Dearborn and coming to a place that's so accepting of all kinds of people is definitely something everyone should experience."

Ghada Mustapha

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13, U-M Medical School '17

"What's the best class you've taken?"

“I knew U-M’s courses would be rigorous but professors like Dr. Nolta make things so much easier. In a lecture hall of hundreds, she knew almost every student by name and answered every one of our emailed questions in minutes. She truly loves what she does, which is inspiring."

Ali Nasrallah

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13, U-M Medical School '17

"Why Michigan?"

“Michigan has a long history of tradition that spans far beyond the classroom and into giving back to communities. The idea of being a part of that tradition made my decision easier. Mr. and MRS. Brehm epitomize what it means to be a Michigan Wo(man). The first official Medical School class event was our white coat ceremonies. During the ceremony we were reminded again of the generosity and rich tradition of Michigan Alumni. Our white coats and stethoscopes were provided for us by Michigan Alumni. I was now a part of a family that continued to look after each other. The scholarships that I have received from the University of Michigan Medical School, as well as the Brehm Scholarship, will allow me to graduate with minimal debt. I will no longer be burdened with the stress of paying back loans, and raising a family, like many of my peers may face. I hope to be able to follow in this path when I complete my education and join the workforce. I hope to make my school, family, fellow alumnus, and the University proud. Forever and Always, GO BLUE!!"

Jaber Saad

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13

"How has Michigan changed the way you think?"

“U-M has changed the way I think is so many ways, all of which are very positive. I am much more open minded, and more critical and conscious about the way I think."

Nadia Sion

Fordson ’09, U-M ’13

"What do you want to do after graduation? And how is Michigan helping you reach your goal?"

“After graduation, I'm planning on taking a year off to travel around the world before applying to medical school. I hope to someday start a mission or open a pediatric clinic in Africa, and the opportunities U-M offers its students are endless—from studying abroad and adapting to unfamiliar scenes and communities to building the foundation necessary to become a true leader—because, essentially, that's all you need to reach your goals."

Fordson Class of 2008

Mohammed Ali Abazeed

Fordson ’08, U-M ’12

"Who's the best professor you've had so far?"

“I was fortunate enough to take a course with Ralph Williams, who has been at the University for over 30 years and will be retiring at the end of this year. Even though the class was in religion, I walked out every day having learned something new about life itself. He was life-altering."

Abbas Alawieh

Fordson ’08, U-M ’14,
U-M School of Public Health ’17

"What's your favorite spot on campus, and why?"

“The steps leading up to Angell Hall. Every time I walk into that building, I think, 'Wow. I can’t believe I actually attend school here!'"

Abdallah Ali

Fordson ’08, U-M ’12

"What's the best class you've taken?"

“The best class I have had so far is Organic Chemistry 2 lab with Dr. Masato Koreeda. He is always available to help, has all-day office hours, and is there for his students; also, he writes with both hands on the chalk board... think about that for a second!"

Ali Beydoun

Fordson ’08, U-M ’12

"What's your favorite Michigan sport?"

“Attending Michigan football games is unlike any other sporting experience. Professional sports don’t compare to the fan base and the fun."

Hussein Fardous

Fordson ’08, U-M ’11, U-M Medical School '17

"What’s the first thing a new U-M student should do when they get to campus?"

“Tour the campus in its entirety. The campus is so large and vivid that it would be a definite loss if someone didn’t see and experience all that it has to offer."

Zainab Farhat

Fordson ’08, U-M ’12

"How has Michigan changed the way you think?"

“It is astounding to encounter so many open minds amongst the students and faculty. The ability for such a diverse group of people to live together in one community is fascinating. It makes you wonder why such an ability isn’t apparent on a global level."

Hussein Hamid

Fordson ’08, U-M ’12, U-M Medical School '16

"What would you tell Fordson Seniors about U-M?"

“If your goal is to be amongst the leaders and best of this world, go to the University of Michigan. I hope that all Fordson students will realize the once-in a-lifetime chance they have to attend one of the top educational institutions in the entire world."

Fordson Class of 2007

Ali Bazzi

Fordson ’07, U-M ’11, U-M Medical School ’16

"Target Field: Medicine"

“At U-M, learning takes place everywhere, from lecture halls to laboratories—helping you become the best you can be, and preparing you to give back to the world. The Brehm Scholarship opens the door to an unbelievable education and gives you the training you need to succeed."

Brittany Bousamra

Fordson ’07, U-M ’11

"Target Field: Psychology"

“Being a Brehm Scholar will change your life. At the University of Michigan I’ve met people from all over the world and been exposed to new cultures. The Brehm Scholars Program helps you become an educated, cultured citizen, prepared for whatever challenges life sends your way."

Yasser Carcora

Fordson ’07, U-M ’11

"Target Field: Medicine"

“A University of Michigan education is unique. Few institutions provide such a holistic approach to education, supporting your critical thinking and analytical skills. The Brehm Scholars program provides you with great learning opportunities that shape your perspective on the world. The experience will be with you for the rest of your life!"

Firas Midani

Fordson ’07, U-M ’11, U-M Masters ’12

"Target Field: Engineering"

“My Brehm Scholarship is a powerful reminder that you can use your education to make a positive difference in society. The University of Michigan gives you so many tools and opportunities for achieving this goal. So pursue a Brehm Scholarship and use your enthusiasm and passion to make the world a better place!"

Shadia Yeihey

Fordson ’07, Wayne State '11, U-M Medical School ’15

Fordson Class of 2006

Arwa Alsamarae

Fordson ’06, U-M ’10

"Target Field: Medicine"

“Choosing a university is one of the most crucial decisions of your life. As a Brehm Scholar, I am positive that my decision to come to Ann Arbor was the right one. The Brehm scholarship gives you the opportunity to gain new experiences, learn from some of the nation’s most accomplished scholars, and meet and befriend a large group of diverse students."

Ali Fadlallah

Fordson ’06, U-M ’10

"Target Field: Medicine"

“When I received a Brehm Scholarship two years ago, a door was opened to great educational opportunities. Now I’m hoping to use my U-M education in biomedical engineering and medicine to improve health and cure the sick. Whatever your passion, you will find no better place to realize your potential than at the University of Michigan. All Fordson students should pursue this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"

Ali Moughania

Fordson ’06, U-M ’10

"Target Field: Biomedical Engineering"

“The Brehm Scholarship is a key that opens up the great opportunities available of a University of Michigan education. I urge my fellow Fordson graduates to take advantage of this wonderful program. It not only honors your past achievements, it also gives you the chance to unlock your potential for future success."

Fordson Class of 2005

Hassan Nasser

Fordson ’05, U-M ’09, U-M Medical School ’15

"Target Field: Biology"

“The Brehm Scholarship is helping me pursue my education in biomedical science at the University of Michigan so that I can someday give back to my community as a physician and educator. And it’s exciting to get such a great education so close to home. Ann Arbor is only a half hour from Dearborn, making it easy to see family and friends whenever you want. Or have them come here to see the great things there are to do in Ann Arbor!"

Zahraa Zalzala

Fordson ’05, U-M ’09, U-M Law ’11

"Target Field: Law"

“The Brehm scholarship has meant less financial stress for my family. It has also reminded us of our responsibility to help others. This awareness inspired me to become co-chair of an organization at the University of Michigan that offers college scholarships to individuals in need. So, if you’re anxious about leaving home, take the chance! The Brehm Scholars Program is about great experiences like these, both inside and outside the classroom."

Fordson Class of 2004

Linda Saab

Fordson ’04, U-M ’08, U-M Medical School ’13

"Target field: Medicine"

“Though it was hard to leave home, I’ve always had the comfort of knowing I’m still so close to family and friends. I’ve also found an extensive Arab-American and Muslim community in Ann Arbor. Attending Michigan on a Brehm Scholarship gives you the chance to learn in a supportive community while encountering different people and new situations. By taking advantage of the Brehm Program, you’ll be increasing your personal confidence and developing your professional abilities to their fullest.”