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What is development?

It’s often used as a synonym for fundraising. But at Michigan, development is about more than money: it’s about a lifelong commitment to:

  • Learning
    “From group dynamics to critical thinking and problem solving, I have developed and honed many skills through every component of the program--professional development, philanthropy, and my planned giving project in the College of Engineering. The lessons I've learned from this rigorous, intense experience will easily translate to the professional world, and have provided me with a greater understanding of the development of identity within organizations, my relationships with others, and my own values and strengths.”
    —Rebecca Mitchell, D-SIP ‘13

    “D-SIP fully invests in both your personal and professional growth as an individual. My favorite aspect of the program is that you are able to see a project all the way from start to finish. This program has by far been the most impactful experience of my time in college.”
    —Josh Hedgecock, D-SIP ‘18
  • Leading
    "Leaders and best -- I've heard this phrase repeatedly throughout my time here at Michigan. It serves as an homage to the University, to the individuals who have come through this campus and sought to redefine success within their fields. As a student, I was driven to be a part of this group. I wanted to be 'a leader', but I did not truly understand what leadership entailed at the time. D-SIP changed that; the program encouraged self-reflection and personal growth, while simultaneously introducing students to leaders from all walks of life. Through the summer, I learned that there are several different ways to be a leader--as part of an organization, amongst friends, in the workplace. All it takes is understanding your values and strengths, things that every D-SIP intern has had the opportunity to explore by the end of the summer."
    —Raza Khan, D-SIP ’17

  • Caring For Others
    “Gifts ignited from a donor's passions and interests can inform not only the physical, but the social and intellectual landscape of an organization—we've been able to see firsthand how giving back is a practice that connects us all through our humanity.”
    —Vivian Yu, D-SIP ’12

Since its launch in 2007, 385 U-M undergrads have completed D-SIP. Of these, about 24% have gone into fundraising as a career after graduation.

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