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Celebrating Philanthropy at U-M

Whether by supporting scholarships, programs, professorships, or any number of exciting initiatives at U-M, donors contribute to U-M's storied history and the bright future ahead.

Leaders & Best publishes stories of the University of Michigan’s most remarkable people, programs, and happenings. As a university publication, it caters to the donors and volunteers who make Michigan a world-class university with global reach and limitless potential. This magazine celebrates our community’s philanthropic spirit by highlighting their far-reaching influence on our state, our nation, and our world.

Visit Leaders & Best Impact today to enjoy these stories and more and see firsthand how philanthropy at U-M is changing our world for the better.

Recent Publications

Fall 2021 Leaders & Best (online publication)
(online publication)

Fall 2021 Leaders & Best Cover

Past Issues

Winter 2020 Leaders & Best

Leaders & Best

Winter 2019 Leaders & Best

Leaders & Best

Summer 2018 - Leaders & Best: People

Leaders and Best People  

Spring 2018 - Leaders & Best

Leaders and Best Spring 2018

Winter 2018 - Leaders & Best: People

Leaders and Best People  

Fall 2017 - Leaders & Best

Leaders and Best Fall 2017

Summer 2017 - Leaders & Best: People (PDF)

Bicentennial 2017 - Leaders & Best

200 Years of Giving at Michigan (PDF)

Bicentennial 2017 - Leaders & Best

Winter 2017 - Campaign Supplement

What's New and Blue (PDF)

Campaign Supplement Winter 2017

Winter 2015 - Leaders & Best: People (PDF)

Winter 2015 - Leaders & Best: People

Fall 2011
Investing today, tending to the future (pdf)

Leaders and Best Fall 2011

Spring 2011
Transformative Actions:
Sending ripples across our region, state, and world

Leaders and Best Spring 2011

Fall 2010
From baby steps to business plans (pdf)

Leaders and Best Fall 2010

Summer 2010
North Quad: A new home for living and learning (pdf)

Leaders and Best Summer 2010

Fall 2009
Donor support for financial aid (pdf)

Leaders and Best Fall 2009

Spring 2008
Student Philanthropists (pdf)

Leaders and Best Spring 2008

Fall 2007
Connecting Economy (pdf)

Leaders and Best Fall 2007

Spring 2007
Stepping Up: The Next Generation of Philanthropy
at Michigan

Leaders and Best Spring 2007

Winter 2006
Building Michigan (pdf)

Leaders and Best Winter 2006

Spring 2006
Advancing Health & Society's Well-Being (pdf)

Leaders and Best Spring 2006

Winter 2005
The Power of One (pdf)

Leaders and Best Winter 2005

Fall 2005
What's So Great About a Chair? (pdf)

Leaders and Best Fall 2005

Spring 2005
Making a World of Difference (pdf)

Leaders and Best Spring 2005

Winter 2004
The Many Faces of Research (pdf)

Leaders and Best Winter 2004

Fall 2004
The Michigan Difference (pdf)

Leaders and Best Fall 2004

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