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Engaged Learning Opportunities

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Engaged learning helps students expand their Michigan education beyond the traditional classroom. These experiences provide students the opportunity to practice in unscripted, authentic settings where they apply the facts and theories they’ve learned to real-life, hands-on situations.

The 2014 Provost Task Teams on Engaged Learning and Digital Instruction identified five key engaged learning outcomes for our students:

  • Intercultural Engagement

  • Creativity

  • Self-Agency, and the Ability to Innovate and Take Risks

  • Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Civic/Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning

The Victors for Michigan Campaign prioritizes engaged learning and the transformation of the Michigan education. By extending academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences, students are able to better develop a global purview and a creative, entrepreneurial mindset.

Donors are urged to answer the call in seizing this opportunity to accelerate students’ engagement with the world. Their support will aid in preparing students to engage in new endeavors, eager to take on very different challenges, and destined to succeed.

Opportunities by School/College

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A Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Taubman College Spring Break Connections Externship Program

Gaining hands-on experience in the student's specific field gives them a deeper understanding of their intended profession. Each year one-week unpaid externships are coordinated for students interested in learning more about their intended profession.

This program is held during the week of University of Michigan's spring break. Host organizations are asked to engage the student in a variety of observational and/or hands-on activities to further their understanding of the practice of architecture or urban planning. The program is open to currently enrolled Taubman College students.

Architecture: Beth Berenter,, (734) 764-1301
Urban Planning: M. Lou Ecken Kidd,, (734) 763-9560




The Michigan Professional and Career Transition Program (M-PACT), is the first comprehensive student-athlete career preparation program in the country.

The M-PACT team has over 30 years of experience working with student-athletes and understand that athletes need customized programs and services that fit into their schedules.

Vision: always be the Leaders and Best in preparing our student-athletes for their lives after sports.

M-PACT helps students to identify their strengths, interests, and eventually an ideal major - leading to their desired career path. The office currently partners with over 500 companies & mentors to provide student-athletes with job shadowing, internship, and job opportunities.

Contact: Maurice Washington,


College of Engineering

Multidisciplinary Design Program

The Multidisciplinary Design Program in the College of Engineering offers students a wide variety of deep, long-term, team-based projects. In partnership with research faculty and industry leaders, MDP experiences bridge the gap between the classroom and professional experience. In addition, the Multidisciplinary Design Program pilots new models for engaged learning and conducts educational methods research to improve the quality of the experiential learning opportunities offered.

Contact: Joy Adams,, (734) 647-2550

Center for Entrepreneurship

U-M's Center for Entrepreneurship is an innovation hub where the ideas, people, resources and technology meet and create the future. The mission of CFE is to inspire and transform the Michigan community into entrepreneurial thinkers and doers.

Contact: Eric Bacyinski,, (734) 649-8596

Wilson Student Team Project Center

The Wilson Student Team Project Center empowers student teams by providing a facility in which they can experience hands-on development and fabrication, enhance engineering theories, and allow members to use practical application of knowledge. The Wilson Center furnishes groups with a unique opportunity to interact with one another, share ideas, and showcase their projects.

Contact: Chris Gordon,, (734) 763-1224

International Programs in Engineering

An innovative portfolio of education abroad experiences that help engineering students pursue courses, research or volunteer projects around the world.

Contact: Miranda Roberts,, (734) 647-7026

Center for Socially Engaged Design

The Center for Socially Engaged Design is "breaking the grid" in engineering education. Solving the complex problems our world faces cannot be done by only applying formulas and computations on a grid. They must be addressed using multiple perspectives, by considering the broader context of the design, and by co-creating solutions with the people and communities who will use them. The result? Solutions that are more contextually relevant, more sustainable and more complete. The Center for Socially Engaged Design is advancing the science and practice of integrating human, cultural, economic, and environmental factors within technology design processes through our design academy, consultation service, educational programs and other opportunities.

Contact: Carey Chesney,, (734) 478-3540

Hiring International Students

Engineering Student Organizations


College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Barger Leadership Institute

The Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) is a student-powered, faculty-guided community dedicated to developing leadership learning through engaged liberal arts education. Future generations of Michigan leaders will face a complex, volatile, and ambiguous world where problems of global scope affect even the most local decisions and effective solutions require collaborations that span competing interests, sectors, and nations.

Contact: Julia Spears,, (734) 615-9059

Biological Station
(Pellston, MI)

UMBS students engage in and learn about biology and environmental science by studying directly in the field and by developing relationships with some of the world’s most respected experts. UMBS is a highly interactive community where students, faculty and researchers come together to learn about the natural world, to examine environmental change, and to seek solutions to the critical environmental challenges of our times.

Contact: Karie Slavik,, (734) 763-4462

Camp Davis
(Wyoming) (Earth and Environmental Sciences

This ideal outdoor classroom offers some of the most scenic and interesting geology, ecology and history in North America. Hiking, camping and exploring are part of your course work. Recreational possibilities are nearly endless, and our remote location provides for a truly inspiring summer.

Contact: Christopher Malvica,, (734) 615-8600

Center for Global and Intercultural Study

Includes GIEU - Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates.

Contact: Mike Jordan,, (734) 764-4311

Center for Engaged Academic Learning

CEAL promotes engaged academic learning through a series of initiatives. We offer workshops and program-specific training for students working in local and global communities. We also offer pedagogical workshops and one-on-one and group consultations for graduate students, faculty, and staff interested in establishing or enhancing courses that bridge academic and community-centered learning, whether domestically or abroad.

Contact: Denise Galarza Sepúlveda,, (734) 764-2410

LSA Opportunity Hub

The Global Opportunities office within the LSA Opportunity Hub offers an exciting array of international internships and programming to enhance the liberal arts curriculum.

Students are guided to select and apply for their ideal international experiential opportunity–which could be with a U-M alum mentor living and working overseas.

Students can also benefit from pre-internship preparation, short-term global immersions, and intercultural awareness workshops and assessment.

Contact: Rachael Criso,, (734) 763-4679

The Living Lab

The Living Lab program at UM brings researchers from the University of Michigan into public spaces where interested families can participate in short, enjoyable studies. The UM Living Lab serves as a way for people to learn more about the science of child development while taking part in that science.

Coordinators: Craig Smith, Margaret Echelbarger, Kimberly A. Brink

Contact: David Schoem,, (734) 647-4860

Michigan Community Scholars Program

Bridge the living and learning aspects of university life

Share a commitment to social justice, democracy, and a diverse community

Lead local, national and international community service initiatives

Contact: David Schoem,, (734) 647-4860

Prison Creative Arts Program

The Prison Creative Arts Project brings those impacted by the justice system and the University of Michigan Community into artistic collaboration for mutual learning and growth.

PCAP encompasses both academic and volunteer based programs at the University of Michigan. Our community includes U-M students, faculty and staff, community volunteers, youth and adults in detention and treatment programs, and formerly incarcerated adults.

PCAP students travel to Rio de Janeiro each May to engage in “teatro em communidade" and blog about their experiences.

Contact: Vanessa Mayesky,, (734) 647-6771

Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR)

Minor in Intergroup Relations Education, including a senior capstone “Social Justice in the Real World”

Dialogue facilitator training and practica

 conflict resolution

Facilitation for Effective Leadership

Contact: Kelly Maxwell,, (734) 764-3582

Project Outreach (Psychology)

Project Outreach has offered thousands of Michigan students the opportunity to learn about psychology in action, to explore themselves and their interests, and to provide meaningful service to people in the community. Outreach offers experiences that can make significant differences in the lives of its participants.

Contact: Jerry Miller,, (734) 764-2580

Project Community (Sociology)

We are committed to student involvement in community service and social action, both to improve the lives of those in the community, as well as to enhance student learning and development. By engaging in service and complementary active learning, students grow in social responsibility, develop critical thinking skills, assess personal values, and come to better understand themselves.

Contact: Ian Robinson,, (734) 763-1270

Telling It – Arts-Based Intervention for Change

Program in the Residential College

Telling It is an award-winning community-based program designed for underserved children and youth grades K-12 that has established a close collaboration with the University of Michigan through the Residential College service-learning course, “Empowering Communities through Creative Expression."

Contact: Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel,, (734) 763-2889

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) creates research partnerships between undergraduate students and University of Michigan researchers. All schools and colleges are active participants in UROP.

Contact: Sandra Gregerman,, (734) 615-9961

Information for Employers


College of Pharmacy

Career Connections

Career Connections is here to provide support to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students as they explore career options.

Actively develops partnerships with employers, linking highly qualified students to job and internship opportunities.

Contact: Holly Jablonski,, (734) 615-4578


Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

MPP Required Internships

The Ford School's MPP program requires a ten-week public policy internship completed between the first and second years of study.

This required summer internship allows students to apply their knowledge to significant problems in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors while developing and enhancing skills in their policy area of interest. Locations around the world.

Contact: Casey Sullens,, (734) 615-9557

Information for Employers

Internship Field Reports


Law School

Community and Economic Development Clinic (CEDC)

The Community and Economic Development Clinic (CEDC) is dedicated to promoting vibrant, diverse, and sustainable communities by providing transactional legal services to nonprofit and community based-organizations, neighborhood-based entrepreneurs and small businesses, social enterprises, and arts and cultural organizations.

Contact: John Lemmer,, (734) 764-4533

Externship Program

Externships offer an exciting opportunity to augment classroom study with real-world work experience. Under the guidance of Michigan faculty and a field placement supervisor, students immerse themselves in legal work with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, and with nonprofit organizations throughout the country and world.

Contact: Amy Sankaran,, (734) 764-7787

Human Trafficking Clinic

The Human Trafficking Clinic lawyers and students provide legal services to victims of human trafficking regardless of age, gender, or national origin. Students gain core knowledge and foundational skills through client representation and advocacy. The Human Trafficking Clinic is committed to advancing anti-trafficking policy through interdisciplinary collaboration at the local, national and international levels.

Contact: Bridgette Carr,, (734) 764-4147

Michigan Law International Summer Firm Internship Program

The Michigan Law International Summer Firm Internship (ISFI) program offers students the opportunity to work with local law firms around the world during the summer following their 1L or 2L year. Through this program, students obtain valuable work experience, gain a better understanding of foreign legal practice, and derive the benefits of cultural immersion.

Contact: Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis,, (734) 764-5269


Penny W Stamps School of Art & Design

International Experience

The changed perspective gained through the process of observing, adapting and adjusting makes students better global citizens and more competitive for employment, fellowships and graduate school.

All BA and BFA degree students are required to participate in an international experience during their undergraduate study.

Contact: John Luther,, (734) 764-0397

Information for Employers

Internship Scholarships


School of Education

Career Services

As an employer, you want to recruit from the country’s best-prepared graduates in education. The School of Education consistently lands among the top education schools as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. Several School of Education programs or concentrations rank in the top ten, including the first-place Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education (CSHPE). To see what our students are studying, view the academic program options from which our students have chosen.

Interested in recruiting students and alumni from SOE? Post an employment or experience-building opportunity, request a resume book, or recruit on campus.

Contact: Shamille Orr,, (734) 764-7569

Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation

This course is linked to a web-based simulation that engages high school students worldwide in exploring the Arab-Israeli conflict through portraying current political leaders and representing stakeholder nations. Course participants facilitate this diplomatic simulation, working closely with the simulation participants to offer a window into the diplomatic process. Course participants learn about the contemporary politics of the region, and work in teams as gatekeepers and facilitators, helping their student mentees to thoughtfully assume character, and to think and write purposefully and persuasively. The course is a hands-on teaching experience that is supported by extensive in-class and written reflective work.

Contact: Jeff Stanzler,, (734) 763-5950


School of Information

Engaged Learning Opportunities

There is a call for people to work in the information field throughout the world. UMSI is responding to this need in a variety of different ways, including supporting students to pursue international internships as part of the Practical Engagement Program requirements, the Global Information Engagement Program, international research, and exchanges of information with our international counterparts.

Contact: Kelly Kowatch,, (734) 936-8735

Michigan Makers

Michigan Makers is an after school program that helps students engage with technology through tinkering and creating, while promoting group work and peer mentoring.

Contact: Kristin Fontichiaro,, (734) 647-3593

Information for Employers

Global Information Engagement Program


School of Kinesiology

GoGlobal! Center for Global Engagement

The School of Kinesiology highly values the international learning experience. GoGlobal! Center for Global Opportunities assists Kinesiology students in finding opportunities for international study, research, volunteerism, and internships. The GoGlobal! office also supports our students as they pursue funding, academic, and professional resources, and helps them determine the program that best fits their educational and personal goals.

Contact: Vanessa Barton,, (734) 763-2625


The Kinesiology Career Development Center utilizes Handshake to promote job and internship opportunities to Kinesiology students.

Contact: Amy Fredell,, (734) 763-2563


School of Medicine

Global Health & Disparities Path of Excellence

The GHD Path of Excellence was the first path program offered to Michigan medical students. It was created to provide students an opportunity to integrate foundational, investigative, and experiential learning to become agents of sustainable change to reduce domestic and global health disparities. Students in the program collaborate across boundaries to break down barriers to health care for vulnerable populations.

Contact: Brent Williams, MD, MPH,

Student-Run Free Clinic
(Pinckney, MI)

The UMSRFC is a free clinic located in Pinckney, Michigan that provides primary care services to around 500 uninsured and underinsured adults in Livingston County each year. In the five years since its opening, the UMSRFC has been led and operated by medical students. In collaboration with Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education, the UMSRFC is currently working to expand its patient services and community programs to incorporate students from the Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Nursing schools. The UMSRFC is currently the only free clinic serving the population of Livingston County.

Contact: Anica Madeo,, (734) 647-1493


School for Environment and Sustainability

SEAS Internships

Internships can provide a valuable professional development experience unlike no other. Students who do internships are usually looking for ways to improve their skills, gain real world work experience, and want to network with professionals in the field.

Internships not only provide the work experience, but they offer a place to gain skills that are necessary for their dream jobs.

Another benefit of an internship is that students learn the culture of the organization in which they are interning.

Contact: Ashley Richardson,, (734) 764-8088

Employer Recruiting

Sustainability Without Borders (student organization)


School of Public Health

Detroit Urban Research Center

The Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center (Detroit URC) is a collaboration of representatives from multiple Detroit organizations and academic researchers from the University of Michigan who work together to foster health equity in the city of Detroit.

Contact: Barbara Israel,, (734) 647-3184

Employer Resources

Gain access to some of the most promising and talented public health students and graduates in the country. Employers from all over the country and globe work with U-M SPH to find the best candidates for jobs, fellowships, and internships.

Contact: Shelagh Saenz,, (734) 763-3155

Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST)

PHAST gives students the chance to apply and adapt classroom knowledge while tackling real-world public health issues.

It is an interdisciplinary extracurricular student group that helps health departments and community organizations with short-term public health related projects.

PHAST actively assists local and state health departments in meeting the demands of certain public health events, disasters and investigations, from Washtenaw County to Granada.

Contact: Dana Thomas,, (734) 763-9234


Stephen M. Ross School of Business

Global Immersions

For two- to three-weeks in May or August, expand your perspectives on how business is conducted around the world during study, company visits, cultural activities, and discussions with business leaders abroad.

Global Practicums

Gain an in-depth understanding of a global business topic throughout the winter semester, and put your knowledge to practice during fieldwork and company visits abroad during Spring Break.

Global Study and Intern

Learn about business strategy for two weeks then work in an eight-week long internship at a top organization or multinational company in booming global business hubs such as Sydney and Hong Kong.

Global Semester Exchange

Study abroad for a semester at one of 27 partner business schools worldwide to gain new perspectives, immerse yourself in another culture, and network with students and faculty from around the globe.

Contact: Liz Muller,, (734) 763-0238

Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)
When your organization sponsors the Multidisciplanary Action Projects cours, you get a diverse team of top MBA students, guided by senior faculty, to tackle your pressing business challenges.

Contact: Megan Piersma,, (734) 763-3647

Global MBA Program


U-M Dearborn

Campus Wide

Career Services

Contact: Julie Kell-Wolf,, (313) 593-5020

Internships and Cooperative Education

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

Experiential Learning

Contact: Patti Martin,, (313) 593-5188

College of Business

Internship & Career Recruitment

9 out of 10 of current employers would recommend College of Business students to their professional colleagues. Students have strong track records, are predominantly committed to living in the region upon graduation, and understand how to bring value to their work environment.


General inquiries:, 313-593-4996

Internship Program: Pam Morris,, (313) 583-6525

Career Placement Program: Tuere Wheeler,, (313) 593-1781

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Co-Op Education

The College of Engineering & Computer Science Cooperative Education Program at The University of Michigan-Dearborn is a way to close the gap between the role of student and the role of practicing engineer. The idea is to learn about the practice of engineering while you are still in school, not wait until school is over.

Contact: Tony DeLaRosa,, (313) 593-5145


U-M Flint

Career Connection

Career Connection offers you an easy way to target your recruiting efforts toward UM-Flint students and alumni. Use Career Connection to post jobs and internships, schedule on-campus interviews and much more.

Contact: Sara Barton,, (810) 762-0919


U-M Wide


ArtsEngine’s mission is to foster and champion the collaborative creative production of students and faculty through making, instruction, research, community and the arts at the University of Michigan

Contact: Deb Mexicotte,, (734) 615-8738

Business Engagement Center

The Business Engagement Center (BEC) provides your company with a gateway to the University of Michigan, one of the nation's leading research and higher-education institutions.

Career Center

The Career Center inspires and supports students to transition confidently beyond the University of Michigan by creating a dynamic space to gain clarity through their process of self discovery.

Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Our mission is to cultivate and steward mutually beneficial partnerships between communities and the University of Michigan in order to advance social change for the public good. We empower students to contribute to positive change through social justice education, leadership, and meaningful service experiences with community.

Contact: Mary Jo Callan,, (734) 763-3548

Graham Sustainability Scholars

The Graham Undergraduate Sustainability Scholars program engages undergraduate students in action-based learning and co-curricular activities that foster systems thinking skills and leadership development for sustainability. Sustainability Scholars become part of an interdisciplinary sustainability leadership program and receive special access to and funding for field-based experiences.

Contact: Andrew Horning,, (734) 764-2519

Hire Blue

Find the career services offices to assist you in connecting with the talent you are seeking. The network of career services offices, as well as our Alumni Association, looks forward to working with you as you build your organizational brand, and recruit for your available positions.


Growing program through Student Life

International Center — IC Global Wolverines (formerly MIISP)

The (MIISP) IC Global Wolverines is a program for undergraduate students who are interested in doing an internship or service project abroad during the summer. The aim of the program is to prepare students for their international experience through workshops that take place over the course of the Winter semester.


The Quito Project

Since its formation in 2004, TQP has evolved to support projects in the realm of public health, social work, and education for 8,000 community members of San Martin and San Blas in Quito, Ecuador.

A multidisciplinary organization with students and faculty from schools across the University of Michigan, including Medicine, Public Health, Rackham, Social Work, Nursing, Dental, Education, Business, Literature Sciences & Arts, Engineering, and Pharmacy.

Mission is to collaborate with local partners in developing evidence-based solutions that support and build capacity in the health, educational, and social sectors.

Contact: Ava Tavrazich,

Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC)

Bystander Intervention & Community Engagement Program

Ally Training

Volunteer Program Co-Coordinator Leadership Training

Contact: Jennifer Osetek,, (734) 764-7771

University Library — Student Engagement Program

As an academic hub for all disciplines, the U-M Library is committed to actively engaging with the campus community to extend learning beyond the classroom. The Student Engagement Program provides and supports transformative student experiences, enabling practical opportunities for students to explore, experiment, create, lead, and reflect — capacities and skills that are critical to addressing 21st century problems in any field.

Contact: Amanda Peters,, (734) 764-4481

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